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Our Heart


While we are free, we will use our freedom to fight for the freedom of others.

Every 30 seconds someone is trafficked. Children are exploited, women are sold against their will into brothels and men are forced into slave labour. We exist to see this end and partner with global anti-trafficking organisations to end slavery once and for all.

Freedom is a right all should have and together we can effect change, one person at a time.


Through awareness events, social enterprise, collaboration and partnership we will generate change locally to see slavery end globally.

We are all connected. Be Hers aims to connect those who are vulnerable and exploited with those who are blessed with freedom through awareness, education, employment and partnership. By educating and empowering everyday people to use their resources to help we can generate change across the globe.

We exist to empower everyday people to make a stand against the injustice of slavery and exploitation. We believe that together we can make a difference and that through the simplest of acts we can create a ripple effect that generates change across the world.

We say no to apathy and create innovative opportunities where individuals can use their skills and talents to make change. We are committed to using 100% of our profits to fighting slavery locally, nationally and globally.

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Our Story

Our story began when we heard about the injustice of human trafficking and had to do something.

What we had was little, no event experience, no fundraising experience, young babies, no money and just hearts to help. However, we did have school playgrounds, community groups, and spheres of influence, which we used to get our first high tea off the ground. Our first, Be Her Freedom event. The room was filled by us, committing to purchase tables for our friends and inviting them free of charge. We sold out to just over 100 people.

But what happened next was just incredible.

Everyone in the room was inspired and they too wanted to do more. Each woman we invited gave all she had; purchasing random products we had bravely collected from businesses in the neighbourhood. Through small corporate sponsorships and a room full of generous women, that year we tripled our fundraising goal. So we decided to do it again. Since then these events have grown tenfold and spread out across the country. It’s been incredible!

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Our Founder

When I first heard of modern-day slavery it was in the context of little girls shown in missing persons posters from an airport in Greece by A21 founder Christine Caine. She explained that these little girls in the multitudes had gone “missing” and only 1% of them ever rescued. 

At that time I had my newborn daughter sitting on my lap, and as I heard of the fate of these beautiful children sold into the hands of traffickers for a lifetime of rape and abuse, my heart broke. Here I was with my daughter, who had her whole life ahead of her and I had so many dreams and hopes for her future. These stories were a stark contrast to the very blessed life I live, and I couldn’t unhear what I had just heard.

My life changed significantly that day. I still can’t unhear those stories and if anything, these stories have become more graphic and more numerous and the urgency to not be overwhelmed but to do what we can to help, even just for one little girl grows. 


What wouldn’t I do if it was my daughter?

As I started to share this injustice with those around me something amazing happened. Each person I shared with, their heart also broke. They wanted to help but didn’t know how. But with each person and each opportunity, and just by using our own voices, our own gifts and talents and our own resource we have been able to see change. Together, we have been able to do so much more than just one person ever could. And in partnership with everyday people and those on the ground doing the rescues we have been part of a significant change where lives are being restored.

The Be Hers collective is powerful because alone we can do so little but together, we can do so much more. It’s an invitation to not let your heart break and turn away, but to unite together to fight this injustice once and for all.

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Our Events

The events doubled and then tripled with each year. We now find ourselves selling out to the largest venues we can find, with events in multiple states and cities. Since the beginning, we have raised awareness and empowered over 20,000 women through our events, school programs and social media. We have funded hotlines, new housing, medical procedures, rescues and prevention programs in third world countries and we have given a voice to the voiceless.

We can’t do this alone, but together we can make a difference far greater than we could ever imagine alone. 

Whether it is hosting or attending an event, shopping for change, collaborating, sponsoring or volunteering this invitation is inclusive. Be Hers is only powerful because of you. It’s because of everyone who puts his or her hand up to fight for freedom. We can’t do this alone, but together we can make a difference far greater than we could ever imagine.

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