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We run events and online awareness campaigns to create awareness in our communities and to educate and empower everyday women to use their freedom, to fight for the freedom of vulnerable women and children around the world.

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Be Hers supports projects with purpose. With organisations on the ground, we work together to see women and children rescued and restored from the injustice of human trafficking. Because of your support, her freedom story is now one of hope.

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Be Hers In Partnership With Its Not OK Projects

We have had a direct impact on the lives of sex trafficking survivors. Some of the ways we have been able to invest into these girls is through the establishment of a sewing centre, providing medical funds, building a new home, caring for and assisting in rehabilitation, and even providing a beautiful girl with a new set of teeth!

Here is just one of many stories:

Because of you, Sokha’s* life was transformed. She arrived into the care of SHE Rescue home pregnant as a result of sexual exploitation. During her time there she gave birth to a healthy baby girl and her perpetrator was convicted. Sokha has now completed a one-year sewing training program and is so proud of herself, she wants to run her own business one day and practices by making dresses for her daughter and the housemothers.

*name changed to protect her identity

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Be Hers In Partnership With A21

Be Hers has helped to resource the A21 Child Advocacy Center (CAC) in Cambodia, which focuses on victim identification, legal and aftercare support for survivors of human trafficking and child exploitation. In 2022, the CAC program conducted 112 screenings of potential human trafficking, resulting in 89 victims identified and 40 survivors referred to A21's aftercare program. 65% of survivors under A21's care in 2022, were under 18 years old. In the first two quarters of 2023, 19 survivors entered A21's care.


Be Hers In Partnership With IJM

IJM supports local police in rescue operations and fights against cyber-sex trafficking of children in the Philippines. 

Joy* was just ten years old when she was sexually exploited online. Her parents had recently separated and a woman Joy* trusted invited her and her friends into her home. A disgusting act of abuse, the woman instructed the children to take off their clothes whilst she took pictures. Seven years after Joy* was first exploited, IJM discovered the abuse and partnered with police to rescue Joy* and arrest the woman. Because of your support, Joy* and 15 other children were brought to freedom. Today, Joy* is in school and motivating other survivors to pursue their dreams by interning at a government shelter and mentoring other victims of online sexual exploitation.

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The Be Hers Sewing Centre

Our Hobart-based sewing centre provides employment for local refugee women. The Dream Free range is sewn by our seamstresses and we have recently extended the centre to offering alterations and some custom merchandise. Through providing regular and dignified employment, these women are given the opportunity to dream free again. 

In 2021 we raised $23,000 to help the women working in the sewing centre. We are beyond grateful for the support and care of our community. Currently, we are speaking to lawyers on the family's behalf about humanitarian visas and ways to find this family the safety and support they deserve. Thank you for helping us help her!



Impact Report 2021/2022

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

- Margaret Mead