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It goes so much further than an event; it’s a ripple effect. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Because of you we now sell out the largest venue we can find and are spreading into capital cities around Australia.

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Be Hers supports projects with purpose. With organisations on the ground, we work together to see women and children rescued and restored from the injustice of human trafficking. Because of your support, her freedom story is now one of hope.

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Be Hers In Partnership With Its Not OK Projects

We have had a direct impact on the lives of sex trafficking survivors. Some of the ways we have been able to invest into these girls is through the establishment of a sewing centre, providing medical funds, building a new home, caring for and assisting in rehabilitation, and even providing a beautiful girl with a new set of teeth!

Here is just one of many stories:

Because of you, Sokha’s* life was transformed. She arrived into the care of SHE Rescue home pregnant as a result of sexual exploitation. During her time there she gave birth to a healthy baby girl and her perpetrator was convicted. Sokha has now completed a one-year sewing training program and is so proud of herself, she wants to run her own business one day and practices by making dresses for her daughter and the housemothers.

*name changed to protect her identity

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Be Hers In Partnership With The A21 Campaign

We have resourced a Child Advocacy Centre in Cambodia, which focuses on the protection and rehabilitation of children. In 2018 there were 41 survivors between the ages of 2-17. We were able to support the aftercare for some of the 39 Thai survivors including full educational support for 8 children and extended medical support for 18 survivors of trafficking.

One of the survivors we assisted suffered from severe PTSD. This case was one of the worst cases due to the severity of the exploitation. The survivor was only 11 years old when she was sold in a sex trafficking ring. The child and her family were placed in a safe house, and an A21 team monitored and supported them daily for months before the survivor was allowed to attend school. Currently, the survivor goes to regular counselling and no longer has nightmares. She is enrolled in a nursing program and we are supporting her in her journey to receive the best possible education and achieve her goals for a better life.



Sewing Centres

We are honoured to work with the It’s Not OK Projects sewing centre in Cambodia, providing employment and skills to trafficking survivors. We also have amazing local sewing opportunities to bring life opportunities for disadvantaged women in Australia!



Our product range not only provides employment but also extends our awareness reach. It makes bold statements, starts conversations and continues the restoration stories of incredible women.

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Shop our amazing Be Hers products made by these incredible women. All profits will be re-invested into the fight against human trafficking.

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Impact Report 2019/2020

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Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

- Barak Obama