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What A Year!


Wow… What a year! This was an incredible season with new initiatives launched, more awareness raised, and sustainable impact created so that we can continue to empower women and children rescued from slavery and exploitation.

Here is a recap of the wonderful year we’ve had!

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We launched our Sewing Centre alterations!

Through extending our sewing centre to offering alterations, we have been able to provide increased working hours to local refugee women and raise awareness in our community about the current state of Afghanistan after falling under the Taliban.

Reaching above our goal of $20,000, we launched the Afghan Appeal to provide hope to our Afghan friends. We are working with lawyers to find a way to help them seek safety in Tasmania and be reunited with the rest of their family. We have also been able to support multiple other refugees to lodge paperwork to see them reunited with their families also. 

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We extended our outreach to two new anti-trafficking organisations, IJM and AIM. AIM school is a prevention program that provides education to children at risk of trafficking in one of the most vulnerable locations in Cambodia. IJM supports local police in rescue operations and fights against cyber-sex trafficking of children in the Philippines.

We continue to support the A21 Child Advocacy Centre in Cambodia protecting young victims of human trafficking and child exploitation. Through partnering with the She Rescue Home we continue to provide housing and shelter to victims of sexual exploitation, helping to keep them safe as they work towards restoration and healing. 

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Each sale of our limited-edition Freedom Sweater and Oversized Freedom Crop supports the fight against slavery. Each jumper is ethically sourced, and 100% profits are donated to our various partners to bring freedom to victims of trafficking across the globe.

We are so grateful for the support of Esther & Co. who sell our merchandise on their marketplace and use their team to create the photoshoots for us while also donating $1 from every sale to our charity. It's a team effort, that has created a sustainable pathway for us to continue making a difference. 

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Francesca's massive warehouse sale event raised $25,000 for our foundation. We are so grateful for all the volunteers who made the day happen and for the wonderful Hobart community that came along to purchase and support.

We are so thankful for the support of Francesca Collections, their Be Hers Collection jewellery continues to blow us away with the amount of funds raised and people reached and empowered with the message of freedom! 


Through our social media platforms, we have been able to educate people on human trafficking and sexual exploitation. This has continued to spread awareness across the globe and empowered more people to join the fight against slavery. We have seen people across the globe join us as regular donors, purchase our merchandise and share on their own platforms helping to increase awareness and fund our impact projects through the Be Hers Foundation. Thank you for using social media for good! 

Thank you for helping us help her!

Your support this year has allowed us to make all of this possible.