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Nyki's Story: An Inspiring Local Freedom Fighter

Fighting for freedom can feel overwhelming and often impossible. But we believe that whilst we can't do everything, we can all do something. Nyki is an inspiring woman who has done just that.

Nyki is a plant-lover and a Mum of four who spends most days at home looking after her children. Searching for something else to do whilst at home and some extra money to support the family, Nyki began researching the value of plants. She jumped on eBay and found that people across the web were making huge profits from rare plants. "I can do that too," she decided. Winning her first auction, she brought home an expensive plant and after 5 days... she killed it. But despite the set back, Nyki persevered. She went back and won her second auction. Learning from her mistakes, Nyki grew the plant to a much larger size and what was purchased for $3000 turned into $21,000.

Earlier this year Nyki decided to use what was in her hand to fight for freedom. Purchasing another valuable plant, she nurtured it into multiple leaf cuttings and decided that one of the plants was going to go somewhere with purpose. 10 years ago she had attended a Be Hers event. At the time, she owned a salon and donated a cut and colour package to the silent auction. 10 years on, the purpose of the event stuck with her. Now that she was in a position to give more financial support to a cause, she decided that it was going to go to the Be Hers Foundation.

"Everything helps and the more people that help make it all add up."


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The two leaf cutting that Nyki had dedicated to Be Hers was auctioned for $3,800. 100% of the proceeds were donated directly to our foundation. It is because of people like Nyki who choose to use what's in their hand to fight for freedom that we are able to support survivors of human trafficking across the globe.

Her generosity has gone directly to our partners on the ground who are working to restore the freedom of vulnerable women and children across the globe. 

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"I chose to support Be Hers because it was always in the back of my mind since I attended the event 10 years ago. I believe that you need 'us' (community) to help 'you'. You can only do so much on your own. If we don't fight for freedom there will be no freedom. It doesn't matter how big or small, everything helps and the more people that help makes it all add up. It might not be a situation that's right in your face all the time, but it's still so important to do whatever you can."

- Nyki

Nyki is an incredible example of an everyday woman using what's in her hand to make a difference. She is empowered, compassionate and determined. We are so grateful for her generosity - what an incredible story! What do you have in your hands? We can all do something x