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Sokha’s Story

The statistics around sex trafficking and exploitation are horrific, there’s no shying away from that, and most people would rather remain ignorant. I’m thankful you’re not most people and found your way here. It’s stories like this that make stepping outside of our comfort zone entirely worth it!

“We fund projects with purpose...

If you have wondered where your fundraising efforts have gone, we don’t just give money, we fund projects with purpose. One of the projects we’ve assisted with is a sewing centre aimed at providing employment but also equipping girls with new skills, community, support and friendship. It enables them to move out of the exploitation they may have come from into a better life. By providing training and employment their eyes are opened to new opportunities. For many, the sex trade may be seen as the only means to support their family, but now they are breaking the cycle with our help!

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“…her perpetrator was convicted”

Sokha* is one example of so many beautiful girls who have been helped through our impact partner, She Rescue Home in Cambodia. Sokha* had come into the home pregnant as the result of sexual exploitation, while still going through the court process in an attempt to have her perpetrator convicted. In her time at the home, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and her perpetrator was convicted to two years in prison, a big win!

With the amazing care and support of the housemothers, Sokha* was able to navigate motherhood, quickly becoming a beautiful mother exemplifying great parenting skills and incredible motivation to provide for her daughter. She has just completed a one-year sewing training program and now has the skills to run her own business one day!

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Sokha* was recently re-integrated back to her home, with a newfound hope as a part of She Rescue Home’s, Home Employment Response (HER) Initiative. For her to be apart of this opportunity she needed a straight stitch machine and an overlocker that YOU were able to provide so that she can now provide for herself and her daughter.

The freedom effect is no small thing, Sokha* has a full life to live and so many will be impacted and encouraged by her story. Not only that, but we believe her daughter will grow up to be a world-changer! Thank you so much for partnering with us to invest in Sokha’s* life as she’s diligently working to overcome great trauma and has worked hard to stand where she is today. We will never know the full effects, but we do know so many ripples of freedom will lead on from her life.