Help Our Afghan Friends

Less than a month ago we all watched in horror as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban.

Traumatised and in fear for their own safety and those of their family members overseas, our staff in the sewing centre who are Afghan refugees, needed to know that we care.

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"We launched the help us help her Afghan Appeal."

In just over three weeks our generous community have helped us raise close to $20,000!

We are now speaking to lawyers on the families behalf about humanitarian visas and ways to find them the safety and support they need. 

This family is like family to us, and what wouldn't you do to help your own family. Their family is split across countries and their lives are in imminent danger. We are going to do all we can to try and bring them to safety and see them reuinited.

All money raised through this appeal will be used to help with legal costs and relocation. We will keep you updated on the journey. Thank you for showing you care.

If you would still like to give - this is the last week that all donations through our website will go to this appeal. Thank you for your generosity.