Fighting the Silent Fight

Learning the horrific reality and scope of human trafficking was heartbreaking, but to continue living my life and enjoying my own freedom since hearing their voices felt impossible. I may not be able to stop it in a day, I may not be able to make the biggest financial contribution, but I can and will do something about it.

How I Made A Difference

In 2009 I was exposed to a developing (third world) country. I went on a trip at 17 years of age with a group to Thailand, Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Poipet, Cambodia. I was aware of some of the injustices in these countries but it’s never the same until you see it with your own eyes.

The Umbrella Girl

When I was twenty-five I moved to the small island of Sicily, at the base of Italy. I envisioned the picturesque light blue water, the ruins of once grand buildings, bustling streets and markets, it was not as I had imagined. Whilst of course there were many beautiful landscapes to be seen, there were also sights I did not expect.

Sokha’s Story

The statistics around sex trafficking and exploitation are horrific, there’s no shying away from that, and most people would rather remain ignorant. I’m thankful you’re not most people and found your way here. It’s stories like this that make stepping outside of our comfort zone entirely worth it!

Our Story

Our story begins with simply wanting to do something. At that time, that something was sharing what we had just heard, the injustice of human trafficking followed by the hope to raise awareness and funds to fight this insidious crime. What we had was little.

Meet some Be Hers Mums!

I love the chaos. The craziness of my full life and house with three kids.  All the noise and drama and cuddles and tears and energy drives me batty sometimes but fills my heart to overflowing.